Patented Scissors Lifting Tables

Developed on behalf of the automobile industry and thousand fold supplied, our Scissors Lifting Tables fulfill the qualitatively highest requirements of this industry. Our tables work continuously day and night, seven days a week
in the paintshop, in the body-in-white shop or in the final assembly area. Within the tables shown here we look
back on many years of experience.


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  • High availability and reliability
  • Fast and noiseless lifting speed
  • No restrictions on number of lifting cycles per day
  • Precise stop and exact positioning of the programmed height
  • High stability in each position
  • Optimal emergency running properties
  • Easy access to all components
  • Safety equipment according to EN 1570
  • Safety against breakage of belt >10
  • Patented design

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Table with single motor
Table with external motor
Table with double motor
Table with safty brake